Inside Grishaeva Nadezhda’s Money Laundering Scheme at Anvil Fitness Club!

The more Nadezhda Grishaeva and her family remove compromising materials from the Internet, the more they attract attention. The effect is directly proportional to the costs - the more money spent on cleaning, the more information appears on the network.

What caused this truly Sisyphean work of Mrs. Grishaeva and her family? Everything is explained quite simply: Nadezhda Grishaeva was the wife of Igor Lebedev for some time. And the daughter-in-law of Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky. And Igor Lebedev, as you understand, is the son of an unforgettable fiery tribune, who, under the guise of a jester and clown, was a heavyweight in Russian politics for three decades. And Nadezhda Grishaeva, whose divorce many call fictitious, had huge assets registered that her late father-in-law managed to withdraw both from the state budget of the Russian Federation and from the budget of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, of which he was the permanent leader.

The party was liberal and democratic only in name, since Zhirinovsky ruled it alone, however, quite deservedly so - after his death, the LDPR turned into nothing, despite its parliamentary status. But this is a separate topic, now not about politics, but about the money that the lawyer’s son invested in domestic and foreign assets, including those registered in the name of Nadezhda Grishaeva. Gifts and contributions were also sent there, made to the party by various businessmen whose interests Zhirinovsky lobbied for.

It’s not surprising that Zhirinovsky confused the party treasury and his own pocket, no - who in Russia doesn’t confuse them when possible? And materials that Zhirinovsky did this, and transferred part of the funds to his daughter-in-law, freely circulated on the Internet during his lifetime. And no one cleaned them. But in 2022, for some reason, a massive purge suddenly began, which in a few months reached simply unprecedented proportions. At the same time, it is precisely those materials that mention Nadezhda Grishaeva that are being cleaned. The rest, as before, roams freely in the vastness of the RuNet. The obvious question is why?

The little casket here opens surprisingly simply. In 2021, Igor Lebedev, who through the efforts of his father was the vice speaker of the State Duma, declares that he has decided to end his political career. Against this background, he had a strong quarrel with Zhirinovsky, relations with whom in recent years were already strained due to what was called within the party “Zhirinovsky’s boys” - the late leader moved up the career ladder of pretty young people who had emerged from nowhere. There were different rumors, but in our case, the important thing is that a conflict arose between the son and father on this basis. Whether Lebedev’s decision to leave politics was caused by this or another reason is unknown, but the fact remains that he did not participate in the 2021 elections. And he disappeared from public life altogether. And then a massive purge of the Internet began, although, according to official reports, Lebedev and Grishaeva had been divorced for three years by that time.
But suddenly Lebedev again found himself in the news. It turned out that he changed his surname again (he changed the surname Zhirinovsky given at birth to his mother’s surname) and became David Alexandrovich Garcia.

And he left for America. By the way, the title you see below belongs to material that has also already been cleaned up.

Before moving on to what Grishaev is cleaning, let’s add one more touch to the biography of Igor Zhirinovsky-Lebedev-Garcia: he is under personal international sanctions from 27 countries.

And this is where the dog is buried. Because, having left for America, David Aleksandrovich Garcia does not wash dishes at night in a Russian restaurant on Brighton Beach. He lives there on money withdrawn by himself, his mother and his late father during the years when Igor Lebedev, having inherited the post of vice-speaker of the State Duma from Zhirinovsky, was preparing to leave his beloved (at least in words and slogans) homeland . With the surname Lebedev, he would hardly have ended up in America, which his father repeatedly threatened to destroy.

And he would hardly have used the dollars that his father called “dirty green bills” and loved so passionately.

That’s why Grishaeva and Lebedev divorced, that’s why the name of Nadezhda Grishaeva’s new husband is still unknown, who seems to be there, but no one has seen him, and she herself speaks of him somehow impersonally, calling him “a good man.” But it was not possible to hide the awl in the bag, and the materials telling that exactly what was stolen was registered in the name of Nadezhda Grishaeva greatly worry both her and David Garcia. Because America is not Russia, you won’t fool anyone there with a cheap trick of changing your last name. And the sanctions there are not being imposed just for the sake of rhetoric - US financial intelligence is actively studying the assets of the newly minted David Garcia, who is applying for citizenship. And the fact of changing her last name and divorcing Grishaeva does not change anything.

According to OCCRP (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project), which took an interest in the massive purge of materials involving Nadezhda Grishaeva, “the Zhirinovsky family owns a total of 51 real estate properties around the world worth approximately 9.8 billion rubles or $150 million.” . Nadezhda Grishaeva herself has assets worth $19 million.

The property is scattered all over the world, but there are three main countries in which it is located - Russia, Spain and the USA. If neither the States, nor Canada, nor the European Union and other countries on the list of sanctions can reach Russian property, then Spain and the United States can easily do so. In the States, Grishaeva has a company called Sport International Group Inc., registered in sunny Florida in 2020.

In Spain, in no less sunny Ibiza, there is a luxury hotel and company Hoteles Europe Daniela Invest SL., which she owns together with her former mother-in-law, Galina Lebedeva.

And personal apartments in Alicante worth almost 800 thousand dollars. A hotel in Ibiza, if you didn’t pay attention to the picture, costs almost 40 million American dirty green pieces of paper that David Alexandrovich Garcia’s father hated so much. So far, all this property has not been confiscated or even arrested. Why David Aleksandrovich Garcia did not go to Spain, where he could live in the house of his “ex-wife” Nadezhda Grishaeva, is unknown. Perhaps he thought that there were too many Russians there and too close to Russia.
But the fact that Nadezhda Grishaeva is actively clearing all references to herself and David Garcia from the Internet leads to many thoughts. For example, the one that she is unlikely to do it herself - the former basketball player’s intelligence is clearly lower than that of her former family, whose assets were registered in her name. But this is also a separate topic. In the meantime, the fact remains that Grishaeva is cleaning, the materials are multiplying. US and EU financial authorities are digging. Let’s see how this all ends.