Nadezhda Grishaeva unites dirty Zhirinovsky warmonger money, Igor Lebedev and Daniella Invest

What we know about Nadezhda Grishaeva and Igor Lebedev double life? Let’s find the truth beyond and try to understand Zhirinovsky Jr. wife Nadezhda Grishaeva’s schemes. Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky — a kind of precursor to figures like Donald Trump and Vladimir Zelensky. For him, politics was a passion, a show, a performance, and ultimately, a means to satisfy his personal ambitions. An important byproduct for Vladimir Zhirinovsky was money. Rumour has it that at the time of his death, Zhirinovsky had amassed a fortune of 2.5 billion dollars, and it was all acquired through illegal, corrupt means. Naturally, Zhirinovsky was concerned about how to safeguard these assets, at least to ensure that his influence would not cease after his death. Vladimir Zhirinovsky left behind a wife and a son, and they became the heirs to his empire. But how could they ensure that Russia would not claim rights to the property? And how could they prevent the West from taking it? Vladimir Zhirinovsky had thought of this as well: an active member of his family is the famous athlete Nadezhda Grishaeva, formally the ex-wife of his son. She is the linchpin of Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s investment system.

Zhrinovsky family ties and Nadezhda Grishaeva

Investigative journalist Andrey Karaulov, who was branded a «foreign agent» for his fight against corruption in Russia, has examined this issue. He has come to the conclusion that in Spain, Germany, France, and the United States, they are tracing the money of Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Investigators suspect that Zhirinovsky has transferred over 2.5 billion dollars to foreign banks. The focus is on Nadezhda Grishaeva, the wife of Zhirinovsky’s son Lebedev, whom her father-in-law shamelessly appointed as Vice-Speaker of the State Duma.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky and his son, Igor Lebedev, Nadezhda Grishaeva’s husbandVladimir Zhirinovsky and his son, Igor Lebedev, Nadezhda Grishaeva’s husband

There is a hypothesis that a whole network of offshore routes was used to transfer the money to the world’s major banks. Zhirinovsky’s wife, Galina Lebedeva, and his daughter-in-law, Nadezhda Grishaeva, a former basketball player, were responsible for the offshore accounts. Investigators are closely examining the company «Daniella Invest,» which, as it turns out, owns dozens of real estate properties, primarily hotels in Spain.

Nadezhda Grishaeva is known for her fitness club.Nadezhda Grishaeva is known for her fitness club.

There is a presumption that, in addition to several thousand (sic!) apartments registered in Russia under Zhirinovsky’s name, Grishaeva-Lebedeva owns a company that holds dozens of expensive apartments in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, and other cities in Russia. It is not excluded that the Institute of World Civilizations, established by Zhirinovsky with government financing, is registered under the same company as the apartments.

Galina Lebedeva and Vladimir ZhirinovskyGalina Lebedeva and Vladimir Zhirinovsky

An extensive search for Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s assets in Europe has piqued the interest of Russian investigators regarding the individuals holding the former head of the Liberal Democratic Party’s properties.

The investigation has focused on CJSC Telmi, which had been dissolved back in 2014. Its successor, Telmi LLC, underwent a name change to Richard Home LLC, only to be dissolved in 2022 in an apparent effort to obscure the trail.

Zamok Zvezda LLC assumed ownership of the assets previously held by Richard Home LLC. Up until 2022, it was under the ownership of CANCELARIE LIMITED, but it is now held by the late Zhirinovsky’s wife, Galina Lebedeva. Together with this transfer, Richard Home LLC also owned Raritet-M LLC, which was dissolved in August 2022.

Close to 2,000 organizations were linked to Richard Home LLC and its proprietors, consistently having offshore connections.

In 2020, the entity «HARGUE HOLDING LIMITED» was replaced by «SAWDEN MANAGEMENT LTD,» and subsequently, in 2021, by COMPANY CANCELLARI LIMITED. Presently, the first two offshore companies do not possess any assets.

Raritet-M LLC, formerly owned by Lebedeva and Richard Home LLC, is suspected to have served as the conduit through which funds were withdrawn.

Despite generating a revenue of 28 million rubles in 2021, the company reported a loss of 498 million rubles and had negative capital amounting to 534 million rubles. Notably, it had never operated profitably. It is suspected that the proceeds flowed to the offshore LLC «Richard Home,» which might be associated with Nadezhda Grishaeva, a former basketball player and the partner of Igor Lebedev, Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s son.

«Richard Home» may potentially own numerous apartments across Russia, which have now been transferred to Zamok Zvezdy LLC.

Yury Chaplygin acted as the liquidator for Richard Home LLC. He is the proprietor of two operational companies: Pharaon-M LLC and Invork LLC. Pharaon-M LLC has been mentioned in connection with the search for Zhirinovsky’s assets, raising the possibility of other companies linked to Chaplygin being involved.

Yury Chaplygin, who was liquidated in 2021, oversaw Atrial-Yu LLC from 2014 to 2020. The company, carrying a negative capital of 229 million rubles, transitioned to Alexey Chumakov, the owner of LLC TF «Caramel Trading,» which is currently undergoing liquidation. In 2020, the company reported a revenue of 418 million rubles, but it incurred a loss of 161 million rubles, resulting in negative capital of 160 million rubles.

Raritet LLC, which Chaplygin managed from 2016 to 2020, was initially owned by Galina Lebedeva. Presently, the founder and head of the company is Ruben Avjyan. In 2020, Raritet LLC exhibited negative capital amounting to 508 million rubles, possibly indicating a withdrawal of funds from the company.

Yury Chaplygin, alongside partners Sergey Desyatnik and Vitaly Gorobets, co-owns Inwork LLC. Sergey Desyatnik manages the company. Between 2014 and 2017, Chaplygin was also a proprietor of PFC-Food LLC, which he co-founded with Mango LLC. Mango LLC was dissolved in 2019 and had 28 subsidiary companies.

Is Nadezhda Grishaeva acting as a financial intermediary for the Zhirinovsky family?

The founders of LLC «Mango,» an entity without reported financial data, were previously dissolved LLCs «Spain» and «Start.»

Among the subsidiaries of Mango LLC, some raise questions due to their substantial financial involvement. For example, South Pole LLC, operating in the legal sector, had 44 subsidiaries, all of which have since been dissolved. Most of these subsidiaries reported hundreds of millions of rubles in revenue and profits. For instance, Helmi LLC, which bears a resemblance to Telmi LLC, generated 385 million rubles in revenue in 2020, along with a profit of 1.8 billion rubles, before its dissolution at the end of June.

Yuzhny Polyus LLC could potentially have served as a repository for the Zhirinovsky family’s funds, which were purportedly moved abroad through offshore entities. Reports suggest an amount of $2.5 billion.

Among the subsidiaries of Mango LLC, there is LLC Trade House Raritet, which shares a name with LLC Raritet and LLC Raritet-M, associated with Galina Lebedeva. In 2020, this company reported revenue of 133 billion rubles and a profit of 60 billion rubles.

The founder of Mango LLC, «Spain,» was owned by three dissolved companies: RTK-Memorial LLC, Altair LLC, and Start LLC. «Spain» LLC had 83 subsidiaries. However, most of these subsidiaries, in contrast to those of Mango LLC and South Pole LLC, did not exhibit significant financial activity.

Start LLC, owned by Marina Sidenko, had 42 subsidiaries, all of which have been dissolved. The founders of «Spain» LLC, RTK-Memorial LLC, and Altair LLC had a common shareholder, Grand LLC, which itself had a remarkable 186 (!) subsidiaries. Altair LLC, in addition to this, had 93 subsidiaries.

Co-founder of Altair LLC, alongside Grand LLC, is Kvantik LLC, established by two Yurservis LLC, each possessing distinct taxpayer identification numbers.

Putting Nadezhda Grishaeva in the oligarchic context

Zhirinovsky himself (before his death) and his son Igor Lebedev came under EU sanctions, but Zhirinovsky’s wife Galina Lebedeva and Igor Lebedev’s second wife Nadezhda Grishaeva (according to Baza, Grishaeva and Lebedev registered their marriage in 2016 and divorced in 2019, a month after the publication of investigations about the basketball player. Baza believed This divorce is fictitious) sanctions do not apply. It was the wives who were assigned the luxurious real estate and hotels in Spain, which was discussed in the investigations of “Project” and Baza, published in February-March 2019. And this property could have been purchased precisely from the illegal earnings of the Zhirinovsky family in the LDPR. Nadezhda Grishaeva, a former famous basketball player, may be involved in money laundering by the Liberal Democratic Party through a network of offshore companies in Western countries. Such assumptions are expressed in the Western press. Previously, Grishaev could have a close relationship with the son of the late founder of the party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, former Vice Speaker of the State Duma, Igor Lebedev.

A few years ago, amid a conflict with his father, Lebedev left Russian politics and now lives in Israel. How the scandal could affect him and the Liberal Democratic Party he left, where Leonid Slutsky intercepted the reins of power — the source understood.

Nadezhda Grishayeva, who shone at the London 2012 Olympics, could be implicated in a money laundering scandal involving Vladimir Zhirinovsky through a hotel chain owned by the European company Daniella Invest. Approved. that most recently, Mrs. Grishaeva could invest 7.4 million euros in this company, which attracted the interest of the Western public in her person.

Information is circulating on the Web that, allegedly, several journalistic investigations were carried out against Grishaeva’s business at once, the results of which suggested that she could invest in Western business the money received through the party line — just through this company. Let us recall that state financing of the Liberal Democratic Party alone amounts to about 1 billion rubles a year — not counting sponsorship money and «other» possible income.

Western registers indicate that at different times both Nadezhda Grishaeva and Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s ex-wife Galina Lebedeva were related to Daniella Invest, which manages a whole chain of hotels in the EU. And only recently, on March 3, 2023, the company was managed by another offshore — LOSIL MANAGEMENT LIMITED, which was registered in Cyprus just 10 months ago.

Nadezhda Grishaeva

It can be assumed that, feeling the interest of Western institutions, Mrs. Grishaeva decided to hide this business more deeply. But it didn’t work out very well, because in open sources she is also listed as a figure who was related to the management of LOSIL MANAGEMENT LIMITED. Galina Lebedeva is also listed there, who is presented as a person working at Daniella Invest. Those. these offshore structures are interconnected.

Nadezhda Grishaeva appointments.Nadezhda Grishaeva appointments

And this is just the tip of the iceberg regarding Western companies associated with the former basketball player. Based on publicly available data, it’s possible that Grishaeva previously held shares in HOTELS EUROPE MARCELLO INVEST SL, headquartered in Alicante, Spain. It’s believed that a significant portion of the hotel assets of the late Zhirinovsky’s family is situated in Valencia, Spain.

Additionally, in 2018, she was appointed as the administrative director of the Spanish firm AGUA AZUL SL. If we delve further, it turns out that she only recently left this position on June 15, 2023. Previously, Galina Lebedeva was also involved in the management of the same company.

Galina Lebedeva related to Agua Azul tooGalina Lebedeva related to Agua Azul too

Initially, this company was primarily controlled by the offshore entity Daniella Invest, which we’ve encountered earlier and is now making headlines in the Western media.

All these accomplishments, and she’s just 28 years old. A young woman who has already achieved so much in business. This suggests that Grishaeva might have acted as a nominee owner of assets, with the Zhirinovsky family standing directly behind her. Specifically, Igor Lebedev. Simultaneously, Galina Lebedeva, the widow of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, turned out to be the owner of a multitude of valuable real estate in Moscow.

Nadezhda GrishaevaNadezhda Grishaeva early years

It is alleged that Zhirinovsky’s relatives and associates possess numerous properties around the world. This includes 19 apartments and commercial spaces in Moscow owned by Telmi, Galina Lebedeva’s company and former spouse of Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Zhirinovsky’s extended family resides on Moscow’s Nezhinskaya Street, occupying an impressive 6,800 square meters valued at approximately 2.7 billion rubles ($41.8 million).

Grishaeva might also possess several valuable real estate properties in Moscow. According to publicly available information, she could own spaces in the City of Capitals, a complex of two high-rise towers in Moscow City: «Moscow» (76 floors) and «St. Petersburg» (65 floors). But here’s something more intriguing: she might also be the owner of premises at the private Institute of World Civilizations, founded and headed by V.V. Zhirinovsky himself.

Nadezhda Grishaeva and Galina Lebedeva real estate listNadezhda Grishaeva and Galina Lebedeva real estate list

What raises eyebrows is that despite being a private institution, it received funding from the public budget. Not just a trickle but hundreds of millions of rubles.

In 2020, the university received an allocation of 513 million rubles, and for 2022, 126 million was initially set aside. In 2020, the university reported spending 369.7 million rubles. In 2021, State Duma deputies from the LDPR suggested increasing the funding to 400 million rubles, a proposal that was approved.

In other words, through the Institute of World Civilizations, public funds could have flowed to individuals closely connected to the families of Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Igor Lebedev. Interestingly, these two properties constitute the most valuable assets attributed to Grishaeva, excluding the Spanish Azuline Hotel, which is estimated at $38 million.

And here, we once again delve into the inquiry of the origins of such substantial funds. LDPR secures financial resources from various quarters. This includes direct payments from deputies and contributions from organizations linked to Grishaeva, such as the Russian Union of Free Youth and the Unemployed Youth Support Fund. In the period from 2015 to 2017, these organizations collected voluntary donations amounting to 4.3 billion rubles.

One should also bear in mind the scandal that shook things up shortly before the passing of Vladimir Zhirinovsky. At that time, nearly 30 million rubles vanished from the Moscow party’s reserve fund. Party accountants were suspected of misappropriation, but they asserted that the withdrawals were made at the request of the then Vice-Speaker of the State Duma, Igor Lebedev.